Case Study: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Commercial UAV Manufacturer

Drones with a Unique Purpose

Of all the industries we serve, this one evolves the most quickly. One of our UAV customers stands out for their unique use of drone technology. They create drones that don’t rely on GPS signals and can be used for inspection and surveillance in confined spaces like tunnels, electrical vaults, tanks and underground mining — places that are dangerous or impossible for humans to go. And with the advent of Covid-19, they’ve developed a new model that provides UVC disinfection in large commercial buildings. How cool is that?

We’ve been working with this company since their prototype days. For them, carbon fiber parts mean lower energy consumption and longer flight times. Our quicker lead times mean they can prototype, trial and make revisions quickly, shortening the ramp-up to production.


6 lbs.

aircraft weight

10 minutes

flight time

$6.3 billion

size of the commercial drone market by 2026

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