Explaining Ultra-High Modulus And Its Uses In Carbon Fiber Products

There are many terms related to the carbon fiber industry that are generally misunderstood. Modulus of elasticity, or carbon fiber´s stiffness, is among the terms that cause the most confusion as some manufacturers will pitch ultra-high-modulus carbon fiber products implying that their quality is superior. But is it? Today, we will try to dispel any […]

High Gloss Carbon Fiber Care 101: Quick Tips

Carbon fiber has developed a great deal of recognition for the fact that it is so strong and so durable; since it’s effectively impervious to corrosion, extremely durable, and resistant to UV light, it might be tempting to assume that it’s effectively maintenance-free. High gloss carbon fiber may be low maintenance, but it’s not maintenance-free. […]

Making Sense of Porosity and Pinholes in Carbon Fiber Panels

Carbon fiber is a miraculously light and strong material that can be used for a wide range of different applications in an equally diverse range of industries, from medicine to sports to engineering. Carbon fiber itself can be up to 10 times stronger than steel while being up to 5 times lighter. It also exhibits […]