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Taking flight with carbon fiber drone frames and parts

Fixed-wing or rotor, the lighter it is, the longer it stays airborne. Carbon fiber made unmanned aerial vehicles what they are today. This amazing composite is malleable enough to be molded or machined into exactly the shape you need for your design while retaining its lightweightness, strength, and structural integrity better than plastics or aluminum. A carbon fiber drone frame can be extremely slim to fit all the necessary components, light enough to get them off the ground, and strong enough to land them safely.

The fastest and most agile first-person-view aerial vehicles and quadcopter kits are designed
around high-quality carbon fiber drone frames. On the other hand, survey drones required in
construction sites and farmland benefit from the enhanced energy efficiency provided by well-made carbon fiber parts.

Lightweight, rigid, and strong, carbon fiber makes great chassis, motor mounts, and other
structural parts. We’ll provide precision cut parts that will fit perfectly and optimize the efficiencyand performance of your device.

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