Elevate Design, Performance & Durability in Any Application

Our zero porosity carbon fiber brings unprecedented performance and style to a broad range of applications—from consumer goods to industrial manufacturing. Add our expert guidance and custom capabilities and there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

5X Stronger & 70% Lighter Than Steel
40% Lighter Than Aluminum

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Putting High Performance in Your Pocket

Protech partnered with Seattle’s Common Fibers to bring their vision for a high-tech, lightweight, RFID-blocking wallet to life.

Setting a New Standard for Collectible Knives

Partnering with Protech enabled Benchmade to create a wildly popular limited edition knife made almost completely of carbon fiber, from clip to blade.

Delivering a Performance Boost to Upscale Speakers

Only Protech was able to deliver the guidance, service, and turnaround time needed to add carbon fiber to Innovative CabinetWorks’ state-of-the-art speaker cabinets.

Lightening the Load for Motorcycle Conversion Kits

Protech’s custom carbon fiber parts made C3 PowerSports’ motorcycle-to-snowmobile conversion kit 20 pounds lighter—increasing performance, while giving it an upscale, high-tech look.


Helping Your Ideas Take Flight

Consumer Goods

The sleek, high-tech appearance, strength, and low weight of carbon fiber suits a wide range of consumer products like handbags, suitcases, wallets, and more.

Industrial Manufacturing

Carbon fiber’s low weight and minimal thermal expansion improves efficiency and performance, while its strength and weight-bearing capabilities are ideal for heavy-duty equipment.

Automated Assembly Lines

Automated manufacturing processes and robotic systems leverage carbon fiber’s low weight to operate more efficiently—increasing productivity, while reducing energy costs.

Radio-Controlled (RC) Vehicles

RC vehicles featuring carbon fiber are lighter and stronger—with improved battery life and damage resistance.


Strong, lightweight, radiolucent panels are ideal for radiological fixtures, imaging, scanner covers, and more.

Interior Design

Carbon fiber laminates and veneers instantly add a modern edge to furniture, wall panels, and more.


Peerless Quality in Every Product



"Having that consistent manufacturing process at the highest quality is irreplaceable and invaluable, and they are the only people that I know that can do that. And Protech is willing to experiment with us as well. We probably would not be doing what we are doing today without the development from Protech."

—Wendy Coe, Benchmade Knife Company

"Protech supplies not only materials, but knowledge. I know I’m being taken care of and I’m not just an order."

—Jim Schmidt, Innovative CabinetWorks

"The relationship is one of the main reasons I prefer working with Protech. They’re responsive and quick, and they make customizing parts easy for us."

—Kevin Forsyth, C3 PowerSports

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